AGPots provides you with products to meet many of your growing needs with other ideas in research and development. 


AGPots are fabric aeration containers manufactured right here in Grass Valley, CA by ALL GEAR PRODUCTIONS since 2011.   AGPots was started in the basement of a single mom with six children as an alternative to working out of the home.  This allowed her to be a mother as well as a provider.  She noticed that the techniques used to construct her children's clothes often lasted longer than the fabric itself.  The research has been done to ensure that the fabric and techniques used for AGPots gives them longevity and durability along with convenience.
Fabric aeration containers have been around for over 30 years.  They provide a quick option for creating your garden or filing your greenhouse no matter where you they are placed.  They are portable and easy to set up.  They come in a multitude of sizes and styles.  Tree farms and nurseries began using them as an alternative to plastic containers to increase profitability due to the benefits of air pruning, aeration, drainage and temperature control.  Now fabric containers are accepted as the industry standard for all types of growers from households to "Big Ag".
The fabric used is BPA-free and is non-toxic.  It is safe for all types of growing and gardening.  It is even preferable to raised beds made of wood which will rot if not treated and have harmful chemicals if treated.
"Air pruning" is the term used to describe the process which occurs when the roots reach the edge of the pot and are pruned naturally by the air.  This causes more roots to be sent out and creates a lateral root system.  The roots themselves are more porous and fibrous which allows for vigorous productivity in the uptake of water and nutrients.  With a powerhouse root system you get  flourishing plants that thrive.
In contrast, the roots of s plant grown in s plastic pot are forced to look for a friendlier environment once they reach the edge of the pot.  This is why the root system in a plastic container looks like a ball - thus the term "root ball".  Unfortunately, these roots are not able to take up the nutrients and water and the plant is compromised.
The fabric used to create AGPots is breathable and allows for oxygen saturation of the soil on all sides.  The same air that prunes the roots provides oxygen to those roots.  Oxygen flows into the pot as well as microorganisms and bacteria that are crucial for the strong foundation of the root system.  The breathable fabric also allows for the respiration of carbon dioxide that comes from the bacteria and root cells.  With sufficient oxygen flow plants are able to get what they need, get rid of what they don't need and prosper.
The porous fabric used by AGPots allows for breathability and also for drainage.  It is perfect for keeping the soil moist but not saturated.  This helps prevent the environment in the pot from becoming anaerobic which can lead to disease of the root system and the plant itself.  Plants grown in AGPots love their home and are able to create a foundation that creates plants that are robust and vibrant.
The fabric used to construct AGPots also provides optimal temperature control through "evaporative cooling".  Air flows through the fabric container which doesn't happen with a plastic container.